Cryptocurrency News

Could Brock Pierce really restart Mt Gox?

2 hours ago · Crypto entrepreneur Brock Pierce has floated an out-of-left-field plan to fire up MtGox — the Japan-based crypto exchange that set the standard for massive bitcoin hacks — but is it his to play with?

Apple Hints At Its Blockchain Tech Priorities

6 hours ago · No, there isn’t an iBlockchain on its way, but we do get a look at the role Apple has played in the Responsible Business Alliance’s blockchain-related project.

Markets Update: BTC Tests $4,000, BCH and ETH Test $150

6 hours ago · The cryptocurrency markets have produced several days of bullish price action, with BTC testing resistance near $4,000 for the time in five weeks today. In doing so, it’s broken the 100-day moving ave...

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